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Why am I receiving FREE Money?2018-08-28T06:06:03+00:00

Each Dlyted Business allocates a specific percentage of all sales to fund the Dlyted platform. In return, they get lots of free advertising, cross promotions within other community stores, loyal customers (like you!), and tax-exempt donations that they are able to write off at the end of the year.

How much Cash do I get back from each business?2018-08-28T06:14:14+00:00

Users receive cash back ranging from 1-10% based on the business category and level of participation.
Here are some examples:
1% Cash Back: One Stop, Zalman’s Treasures
2% Cash Back: Jerusalem Pizza, Shell Cleaners, Copy Copy Center, Pennzoil, Metro Frame, Dollar Castle, Borenstein’s Bookstore, Metro PCS, Paper Goods Plus, Lincoln Auto Service, PacConstruction, MowOnTheGo, PRO Restore
10% Cash Back: Community Bowling Centers (Bowl More Lanes, Century Bowl, Plum Hollow Lanes, Skore Lanes, Sterling Lanes, Super Bowl & Woodhaven Lanes)

Do I need to get a new credit card to join? What if I already get cash back rewards on my credit card?2018-08-28T07:41:16+00:00

No new cards are needed! Simply link your current card to our program to start earning extra. These cash back bonuses are stacked on top of your current rewards program and do not interfere with any existing miles or rewards you currently earn.

When will I see my funds credited?2018-08-28T07:42:05+00:00

User get notified immediately of their cash back rewards earned vis email. Most transactions appear within 3 business days of a purchase. Credit is accrued until a minimum threshold of $10 is reached, upon which users are credited.

What if I refer My FRIENDS to Join also?2018-08-28T07:42:54+00:00

Users are encouraged to DLYTED all their friends and family members too! In addition to receiving their own $10 Free spending bonus for joining the DoubleBack program, YOU also get an additional $10 for everyone who uses your unique referral link to join.

If I shop at a business NOT included in the program is there any cash back reward?2018-08-28T07:51:41+00:00

Users are only rewarded extra for merchants who are included in the DoubleBack program. If you would like another merchant that you shop at to be included, simply email with your request and we will contact the location on your behalf.

Why is my email address needed?2018-08-28T07:52:39+00:00

Emails are used for all earned rewards and cash-back notifications. Additionally, participants are informed of all exclusive specials being run by participating merchants.

If you have any questions or issues2018-08-28T07:53:55+00:00

If you have any questions or issues, please email us at or give us a call at 248.671.4484.